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Confetti patternConfetti pattern
  • Add types to your AWS lambda handler

  • For loops in JavaScript (vs _.times)

    From time to time I still see a for loop in JavaScript codebases. Linters are frequently angry about them. Let's see how we can replace them.

  • AWS CDK Lambda and DynamoDB dependency management

    A discussion about issues we've stumbled upon and a solution that simplified our CDK workflow.

  • Better way to use useReducer with TypeScript

    Introducing useComplexState hook, - a small wrapper combining Redux Toolkit, useReducer with some extra syntax sugar to make things even simpler and more to-the-point.

  • Dealing with randomness in tests

    A few patterns to help you deal with randomness in your codebase.

  • How to deal with inferred TypeScript types and stop using any

    What do you do when you are in need to figure out a complex type? Many just give up - they either make a use of any or jump through a lot of hoops that in the end makes their code less maintainable.. but at least they didn't have to figure out the types, right? :)

  • Instantly update your Lambda functions (development)

  • How to easily develop and deploy TypeScript Lambda functions