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Our work

Case studies for high-complexity software development.

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System modernization & API development

Complex monolithic system refactor to event-driven, distributed architecture in just three months. In parallel to the modernization, we designed & implemented an Apollo supergraph, enabling agile CX innovation.

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Audi of America

e-tron reservations system

Highly complex, bespoke e-reservation platform capable of processing thousands of reservations per minute. The e-tron reservations system was developed in record time, yet it performed perfectly and at scale from the get-go.

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Volkswagen of America

Car-Net infrastructure

Advanced cloud infrastructure to host the Car-Net platform, a connected car services suite. Our work empowered Volkswagen and their development partner to confidently deliver at lightning speed, while maintaining ultra high quality.

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Pre-engagement consultation workshop

Witness the impact of visual requirements facilitation and our problem solving prowess in a 90 min. consulting session.

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