• Federated Design Systems with Storybook

    An exploration into how Storybook-based design systems can be used to distribute component code.

  • How to Design and Build a Hyper-Fast Test Automation Stack

    Why you need real-time end-to-end test automation, and advice for the best products to create it.

  • Is Your Testing Strategy Back-to-Front?

    How to tell if you’re applying quality backwards, and steps you can take to move forward and do quality, faster.

  • Zero-Bug Software Development

    The Zero-Bug Policy is not a myth — it is the answer. And it can work for your team, today.

  • Preventing Software Bugs from Ever Occurring

    Trying to fight bugs is exhausting and frustrating. But if we study their nature, we can understand which preventative measures will be most effective in saving us from the pain.

  • What Is Quality?

    Quality is one of the greatest things in life, but it’s ephemeral and hard to define. In a similar way to how “acts of love” make better people, quality functions make better products.

  • The Forgotten First Principle of Software Delivery

    We have an industry-wide blindspot for the most important metric in software, and now is the time to change that.


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