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Careers at Xolvio

Join our mission to eliminate the problematic & mundane so the interesting can flourish.

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Boutique, collaborative company culture

While we’re a remote-only company, we embrace a flat hierarchy that fosters collaboration. This means you’ll be working with a breadth of people that have loads of expertise in many different areas. We also love open source, so feel free to check out our repositories!

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Why work with us

  • Check iconOur company motto is “eliminating the problematic and mundane, so the interesting can flourish.” We found that the best way to do this is to focus on high quality and automation. This way we’re not bogged down with bugs and repetitive tasks so that we can focus on the most interesting work.
  • Check iconBecause of our flat hierarchy you get direct access to the company hive mind and our experience working on lots of different, interesting projects, from hardware to high-resilience, high-scale distributed systems.
  • Check iconWe're always looking at new technologies and techniques that we can leverage and use. We love to explore new things, keep an eye on the exciting world of Web3 technologies, and consider being progressive to be more than just a label.
  • Check iconDo you enjoy pushing boundaries? Do you think outside the box? Do you thrive in the unknown? If yes then you’ll definitely enjoy great autonomy working on exciting projects at Xolvio, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


Open Positions

  • Java Software Engineer

    Design, develop, and maintain GraphQL platforms, ensuring stability and performance.

  • BLOG

    Our insights & news

  • Event Storming: The Visual Requirements Facilitation Technique to Accelerate Software Design and Development

    An introduction to the fun and effective workshop technique that unlocks heightened levels of collaboration across silo and specialization boundaries.

  • Introducing GraphQL Schema Storming

    How to annotate user experiences in a collaborative fashion to facilitate and accelerate GraphQL schema design.

  • Escape and Xolvio Introduce GraphQL Security Review and Remediation Services

    Announcing our official partnership with Escape to help teams secure their GraphQL APIs.

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