Deliberate Scaling

Transform your software delivery for the age of distributed systems.

You’re faced with increasing complexity from numerous and aging enterprise systems.

Your systems’ current state cripples you from delivering better customer experiences. Your team is slowed down by endless integration bugs and a codebase that’s difficult to change.

You’re under pressure from ever-increasing demand for transformation in a landscape where everything is distributed. Meanwhile, you’re working with monoliths. But what if there’s a way to scale your software delivery without entirely replatforming your systems?

Confetti pattern
Confetti pattern


Introducing Deliberate Scaling

Through many years of digital transformation and development work at Xolvio, we created a unique method to solve the enterprise IT delivery conundrum. We know exactly how to build a distributed, flexible architecture on top of your existing systems, so that you’re freed from previous constraints without breaking a thing. Once this is done, we can implement our systematic approach to software delivery, allowing you to produce high-quality code at unprecedented speed.


Flexible & distributed architecture layer

In order to remove roadblocks from your software delivery, we need to first decouple your monolith. We do this safely by attaching special modules to your existing system to enable an event-driven architecture. This will serve as the foundation for scaling the system, while allowing for a deliberate, step-wise refactor in parallel.


A frictionless delivery method

Once we have removed your architecture constraints, we can implement our holistic and systematic delivery method that will allow you to smoothly go from business needs, through business requirements, to high-quality code delivered at speed. This is possible thanks to our unique blend of Domain-Driven Design, Behavior-Driven Development, and test automation, combined into a step-by-step, bulletproof process.


The Deliberate Scaling Palette

The Deliberate Scaling approach was born at Xolvio thanks to years of experience and experimentation with novel techniques, practices, and technologies. This allowed us not only to bring the best out of these various ingredients but also synthesize them into a holistic, practical methodology. Get to know the Deliberate Scaling palette:

Big Picture Event Storm

Putting business in the driving seat, we use event storming to create a shared understanding that meets your goals. This highly effective workshop technique will get your team on the same page in just a matter of hours without copious documentation that no one ever reads.

Process Modeling

Having a clear picture of your business domains, we dig deeper to specify the business processes and their associated rules. For this purpose, we incorporate BDD into event storming for a potent combination that lets us rapidly arrive at a solid foundation for domain digitization.

Domain Digitization

Armed with all the knowledge about your business, we codify it into a dedicated module—the digitized domain model. We then integrate it into your existing systems and plan your distributed architecture around it. The domain model is evolvable and the centralization of business logic helps adapt to change.

Hexagonal Architecture

This pattern creates a healthy separation between interfaces, application level concerns, and core business logic. The resulting modularity greatly facilitates the integration into your existing system and any possible future replatforms, improving your resilience to technology changes.


As the name suggests, Command Query Responsibility Segregation delineates the concerns of reading and writing. By focusing on each side independently, we can scale your ability to deliver both at a system level and an organization level.

Event Sourcing

The holy grail of event-driven architecture, this unintuitive pattern has a lot of leverage over the more traditional, database-centric approaches. Xolvio’s secret weapon, event sourcing will provide you with superior business intelligence, scalability, and resilience.

Serverless Architecture

With the right design, serverless functions contribute to effortless software scaling. When coupled with a hexagonal architecture and a distributed, event-driven system, serverless will make capacity planning and infrastructure scaling a breeze.

Infrastructure as Code

IaC removes manual processes from IT infrastructure management. It improves your ability to recover from disaster events, as well as gives you the ability to automatically create environments for different uses, such as performance testing or QA.

GraphQL Federation

GraphQL allows frontend and backend teams to work independently. Further, a federated graph provides a unified composition layer for the entire company. As a result, everyone can focus on their part to deliver features faster, as well as build new value streams quickly, thus allowing to improve customer experience.


Deliberate Scaling benefits:

Total control over increasing complexity

Faster delivery of new features

Improved integration between teams

Higher team autonomy

Greater system reliability & resilience

Advanced BI, audit & traceability


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