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Confetti patternConfetti pattern
  • Sharing scalars between modules with Chimp

    Simplify your Chimp-based project even further with a new @predefined Scalar directive.

  • Adding TypeScript to the official Apollo Platform Tutorial app

    In today's video I go through a preparation of the official Apollo Platform Tutorial App for adding Chimp to it. I decided to divide that task into two steps - first is adding TypeScript to the codebase. Watch me work, struggle, fly through code, hopefully you will learn some tricks :)

  • Chimp 4.0 - resolvers for extended federated types

    The Chimp 3.0 and previous versions always generated resolveReferences resolvers for all federated types. It turned out to be excessive, so we make it configurable.

  • GraphQL Federation example updated to Chimp 3.0

    We are happy to announce that the example showing many advanced patterns related to GraphQL usage is updated to Chimp 3.0

  • How to fix the annoying "Ensure there is only one instance of graphql" error

    If you have been doing serious work with GraphQL over the last few years, you surely saw the "more than one instance of GraphQL error". Let me help you deal with it.

  • Updating from Chimp 2 to 3

    We've rewrote Chimp, simplified the setup and fixed some defaults. We hope you will enjoy the new development experience!

  • Generate your Apollo DataSources

  • Comparison of the GraphQL Workflow with/without Chimp

  • Automated Testing with Apollo Federation

    Learn how to write automate tests for your federated GQL µservices