Scale, deliberately.

We help you up your software game
for the age of distributed systems.

As a company, you've reached a point where building fast at scale is a major challenge.

The current economy calls for unprecedented performance when it comes to software delivery. The digital transformation race is on, but is your road towards digital maturity clear?

While we live in the age of distributed systems, people aren’t trained to think in a distributed fashion, severing their ability to build systems that scale to meet modern challenges. Though easier said than done, it’s high time to break up your monoliths. The good news is we know how to incrementally scale both your architecture and your delivery, allowing you to tame the complexity you’re faced with.

Meet your new trusted partner, Xolvio

Through our extensive experience in solving complex, high-risk issues, we worked out a unique, bulletproof method to scale software, deliberately. Our holistic approach to architecture and delivery means you will not only get a strategic plan but also bespoke solutions for your particular challenges. In effect, you gain digital mastery over your business processes that allows you to grow, surely and steadily. We understand you need absolute confidence in your technology and we know how to get you there.

Deliberate Scaling

Xolvio’s original methodology for achieving state-of-the-art scalability, Deliberate Scaling relies on tried-and-tested techniques, practices, and technologies that will transform your software delivery for the 21st century.

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Software Architecture & Design

Technical Strategy & Architecture icon

Technical Strategy & Architecture

Establish a holistic vision to solve your digital problems working directly with our founder, Sam Hatoum, and benefit from his 20+ years of experience in the field.

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Solution Ideation & Validation icon

Solution Ideation & Validation

Turn your business challenges into technical solution blueprints. Validate your solution ideas for absolute confidence in your tech stack.

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Systems Modernization icon

Systems Modernization

Gain total control over your technology stack by migrating your legacy systems to state-of-the-art solutions, perfectly reliable for years to come.

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Apollo GraphQL Consulting icon

Apollo GraphQL Professional Services

Make the most out of your supergraph with help from the official Apollo GraphQL partner.

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Custom Software Development

End to End Delivery icon

End-to-end Delivery

Tackle your business challenges with high-quality, scalable software developed at speed thanks to our proprietary Quality Faster approach.

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Staff Augmentation icon

Staff Augmentation

Let us up your game through the advanced skills and experience of our digital architects & expert builders. We collaborate with your team for higher quality and speedier delivery.

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CX Integration Platform

We bring your systems together to unify CX through a custom, Apollo supergraph-powered platform in an end-to-end managed service model.

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Headless E-commerce Solutions icon

Headless E-commerce Solutions

Purpose-built scalable e-commerce software to tackle your particular challenges. Leverage headless technology for reduced complexity, greater agility, and scalability.

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Here’s how we helped them scale deliberately:

Audi of America

e-tron reservations system

Highly complex, bespoke e-reservation platform capable of processing thousands of reservations per minute. The e-tron reservations system was developed in record time, yet it performed perfectly and at scale from the get-go.

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Volkswagen of America

Car-Net infrastructure

Advanced cloud infrastructure to host the Car-Net platform, a connected car services suite. Our work empowered Volkswagen and their development partner to confidently deliver at lightning speed, while maintaining high quality.

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CX Integration Platform

Complex monolithic system refactor to event-driven, distributed architecture in just three months. In parallel to the modernization, we designed & implemented an Apollo supergraph, enabling agile CX innovation.

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Xolvio offers a level of experience and cross-functional value that we have never encountered anywhere else, nor have we been able to find from any single organization.

Jeff Titus, Audi


Optimize for quality, get speed for free

Higher quality software, faster

Through our extensive experience in software quality consultancy, we discovered that focusing on quality practices allows for lightning-fast delivery speeds. Hence, our proprietary Quality Faster model was born, which provides you and your organization a means to deliver valuable, scalable, high-quality digital products, faster than ever before.

Cutting-edge technology

Our digital architects and expert builders have deep and wide technology expertise ranging from ReactUIs to federated Apollo GraphQL µServices, and from AWS CDK & Kubernetes to event-sourced systems. We hold official development partnerships with Apollo GraphQL and Contentful.

Bullet-proof process

Quality is part of our DNA and our mission, which is why our team uses Domain Driven Design (DDD), Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and Test Driven Development (TDD) techniques to produce code that typically has 95%+ coverage. On top of that, we use a unique, targeted Quality Assurance approach.

Official professional services partnerships

We are the sole professional services partner for Apollo GraphQL, the best-in-class, enterprise-grade GQL tooling provider. We have also officially partnered with Contentful — the leading headless CMS platform for creating omnichannel digital experiences.


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