Escape and Xolvio Introduce GraphQL Security Review and Remediation Services

Announcing our official partnership with Escape to help teams secure their GraphQL APIs.

Today, I am thrilled to share the news that Xolvio has formed a partnership with Escape, the provider of the best-in-class platform for automating GraphQL application security.

Escape’s tooling automatically detects application vulnerabilities and provides tailored remediation recommendations. Further, integrating the platform into a CI/CD pipeline allows for continued security compliance.

Having personally met Escape’s co-founders, Tristan Kalos and Antoine Carrosio, close to a year ago, I continue to be impressed by their outstanding expertise, true passion, and their project’s stellar growth. In my view, the Escape team's immense activity and numerous contributions to the GraphQL security space have no match.

As the leading GraphQL professional services company and top-notch software quality experts, Xolvio has always delivered solutions that are aligned with API security best practices. With this new partnership, we are excited to add GraphQL security review and remediation services to our GraphQL consulting and development capabilities. This new offering includes:

  • Runtime security review: using the Escape platform, we perform runtime security scanning for our clients to check for API vulnerabilities.
  • Architecture security review: leveraging our profound software architecture expertise, we investigate the client’s solution for architectural flaws impacting API security.
  • Vulnerability remediation implementation: we combine the results of both the runtime and architecture security reviews, and swiftly implement vulnerability remediation for the client.
  • Continued security compliance: API security needs to be an ongoing concern. We integrate Escape’s platform into our client’s CI/CD pipeline to ensure that security issues are identified and addressed before they reach production.

What's worth noting is that, usually, implementing security has a negative impact on development velocity. Using Escape, teams can actually increase development speed as they're able to address security issues much earlier in the process. Given Xolvio’s prowess in high-speed delivery using our Quality Faster methodology, I couldn’t have imagined a more fitting API security partner.

At Xolvio, our mission is to eliminate the problematic and mundane so the interesting can flourish. While API security is of utmost concern for every software engineering organization today, not all companies have the capacity for dedicated in-house resources in this area. By combining GraphQL application security automation with vulnerability remediation professional services, both Escape and Xolvio hope to raise the standard for API security in the industry at large.

You can find out more about Escape here.

Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts in the comments below.

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