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Solution Ideation & Validation

Turn your business challenges into technical solution blueprints.

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You’re facing serious challenges with your tech stack.

You realize you need custom software to address them. But where do you start with this?

What you need is a bullet-proof plan for your solution that takes into account the big picture of your business operations and that gives you absolute confidence in how it’s going to be realized.


Ideate your perfect technical solution

Enter Xolvio, your new trusted partner to solve your hardest digital problems. Through our extensive experience in translating complex business challenges into actual technical solutions, we established our own immensely effective methodology for solution ideation and validation. Take advantage of our holistic yet razor-sharp Quality Faster approach and rest assured you’ll get a masterpiece blueprint that’ll get you ahead of your competitors.


Technical excellence through shared understanding

In contrast to other software companies, our Solution Ideation & Validation service involves working directly with our CEO & Digital Architect, Sam Hatoum. This means you will benefit from his 20+ years of experience in turning business challenges into technical solutions. The resulting digital product blueprint will also be accompanied by a production system, so that your solution is ready to be swiftly brought to life, either by Xolvio expert builders or your dev team (or both).


For a start, we employ different techniques in order to create shared understanding. The one we usually go to is Event Storming: a fast and modern way to extract knowledge from people and make it visible. Event Storming allows us to capture the leaf nodes of your business processes.


Next, we apply strategic and tactical patterns from the field of Domain Driven Design to identify your business domains (eg. sales, marketing, HR, etc.). Within each domain, we dig deeper into the business processes to understand the flow of events.


Armed with that shared understanding, we move on to more advanced Event Storming techniques like Design-Level Event Storming in order to redefine your business processes and arrive at optimal policies. The combination of the strategic and tactical patterns, events, and policies forms the basis for your high-level solution design.


Once we have that design, we proceed to turning it into a detailed, actionable blueprint using Sam’s original State Of Integration Diagramming technique, which provides you with a plan to put your solution into life. In effect, you don’t just get a digital product idea, but also an entire production system to realize it surely and quickly.

Don’t have your own devs or need support with delivery? We’re happy to help with either End-to-end Delivery or Staff Augmentation.

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