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Technical Strategy & Architecture

Establish a holistic vision to solve your digital problems.

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Do you want your digital strategy to succeed?

Your organization is set on a digital strategy to transform your business and eventually reach full digital maturity, but do you have the means to realize it?

Any digital strategy requires a robust framework to carry it out. This is where technical strategy & architecture comes in. By framing your grand digital strategy vision into a technical action plan that allows your teams to collaboratively build a flexible IT architecture, you can steadily steer towards true digital maturity.


Create your digital maturity action plan

At Xolvio, we help big companies devise their technical strategy & architecture, so that they can move forward in the best possible direction towards their digital maturity. Thanks to our unique collaborative approach and extensive experience in solving complex technical problems for the likes of Audi and 2K, you get absolute confidence you’re on the right road to digital success.


Collaborative delivery that gets everyone on board

Unlike other software development companies, our CEO & Digital Architect, Sam Hatoum, gets involved in each and every project, so that you will be working with him directly. That way you can leverage Sam’s passion for turning the toughest technical strategy & architecture issues into an elegant digital maturity action plan. Here's how we do it step by step:


We start with one-on-one interviews with your team members and leaders to arrive at a shared understanding of your digital challenges across the entire organization.


Where needed, we arrange further deep dive sessions until we get a detailed picture of your current situation, making sure no stone is left unturned.


Finally, we move on to group working sessions, where Sam combines his 20+ years of experience in the field with the insights and expertise of your team to form your tailor-made technical strategy & architecture.


The outcome: a digital maturity action plan that gives you perfect clarity on where you are, where you need to be, and how you’re going to get there.

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