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Purpose-built, scalable e-commerce software to tackle your particular challenges.

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Your e-commerce business is growing exponentially, but is your tech stack keeping up?

You definitely don’t want technology to hold your growth back. All the more so when your competition is this fierce.

In an ever-growing, ever more competitive market, off-the-shelf solutions can only get you so far. That’s why you need custom software that addresses your particular needs. Software that’s built smart, so that it can scale infinitely and reliably.


Increase agility & scalability

At Xolvio, we help enterprises and mid-sized companies get ahead of the competition in the digital commerce game with high-quality, scalable solutions that are built for purpose and built to last. We reduce complexity by leveraging headless technology. This helps us modularize your software to improve its flexibility and achieve limitless scalability. That way, you gain absolute confidence that your commerce solutions are going to help you unleash growth and reach your full potential.


Sky-rocket your commerce technology

Manual workflow automation

Free yourself from spreadsheets and emails flying around by automating manual labor. We analyze your business processes to optimize them and frame them into high-quality technical solutions that increase productivity.

Recommendation engines

Get the most out of your data by building a tailor-made recommendation engine that follows your specific business requirements. Scrap off-the-shelf engines and create your own solution with your own rules.

Site speed & performance

We know every millisecond counts in e-commerce and we know how to optimize site speed and performance to the max. From the UI to the back-end and end-to-end, your user experience is going to be lightning fast.

Scalability & fault tolerance

Get ready to handle large numbers of visitors and orders with zero hiccups. We build systems that can reliably carry huge traffic loads, and that have the ability to self-heal, when things don’t go according to plan.

AWS cloud native

Massively reduce your operation and hosting costs to free up your resources and spend more on business value. We help you go serverless with a microservices architecture and, as experts in AWS, we leverage all of their capabilities so that you get the most out of being cloud native.

Reliable back-end integration

To be effective, your commerce stack needs to be integrated with existing internal systems (legacy or otherwise), as well as with external ones. We know how to do this the smart way and use industry best practices and techniques for maximum safety.

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Audi of America

Bespoke, high-complexity e-reservation platform architecture to promote and sell Audi’s first electric vehicle online, delivered in record time. Capable of handling thousands of reservations per minute, the solution utilized one of the first ever distributed GraphQL implementations and helped shape the product now known as Apollo Federation.

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