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CX Integration Platform

Liberate your teams from enterprise IT complexity to enable fast-paced CX innovation.

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Distributed systems and data are fragmenting your Customer Experience.

Today’s omnichannel reality combined with enterprise architecture complexity make cross-planning between your teams extremely difficult, with backend teams burdened by frontend demands. This bottleneck slows down your customer-facing initiatives, effectively crippling your ability to innovate for customer satisfaction.

You know your customers shouldn’t be held hostage to your siloed systems. It is high time to enable CX standardization and evolution, so that you can delight your customers.


We bring your systems together to unify CX

Leveraging our extensive digital transformation experience working with the likes of Audi, Volkswagen, and Wayfair, we devised a managed service approach to creating and operating your custom CX Integration Platform. This means we will design, implement, and maintain your company-wide, unified network of data and microservices, providing your frontend teams with a single access point to all your digital capabilities.


Deliver excellent CX with ease

Once your custom CX Integration Platform is fully operational, your teams are going to be perfectly enabled to deliver the excellent digital experiences your customers deserve. The Platform will allow you to decouple your frontend and backend concerns, removing bottlenecks and cross-planning headaches. With state-of-the-art developer experience and unprecedented data discoverability, you can finally maximize productivity and accelerate CX innovation.


End-to-end solution ownership

We know company-wide initiatives can be hard to carry out in the enterprise due to scale. This is why we use a stepwise plan to first design and implement the CX Integration Platform, after which we incrementally roll it out across your product and engineering organization. As we bring your different teams onto the platform one by one, you will see gradual gains in CX productivity, while end-to-end ownership on our part facilitates successful collaboration.

Scoping analysis & roadmap planning

We begin the engagement by interviewing your tech leadership to identify the scope for the Platform, get to know your tech stack and architecture, and create a project roadmap.

Duration: 4 weeks

CX Integration Platform design & implementation

Armed with a deep understanding of your systems, we proceed to design, build, and deploy your custom CX Integration Platform, as per the project roadmap.

Duration: 4 to 6 weeks

Incremental rollout & Platform maintenance

With the Platform fully operational, you’re ready to start connecting your services and systems. We help your teams integrate by providing flexible consulting hours.

We continuously maintain the Platform with 99.999% SLA


Leverage our cutting-edge tech expertise

Your custom CX Integration Platform is going to be built using GraphQL, THE modern enterprise API technology. We’ve been at the forefront of GraphQL development since its initial release in 2015 and we use the best-in-class tooling from Apollo. The CX Integration Platform leverages Apollo’s Supergraph implementation, which is powering CX at Fortune 500 companies such as Netflix, Walmart, and Paypal.


Customer Experience transformation

In just three months, we refactored StudyKIK’s complex monolith into an event-driven, distributed architecture and kickstarted their CX Integration Platform with a supergraph in production.

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