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Lessons from the trenches

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  • Testing with DynamoDB Toolbox

  • Creating Tables with DynamoDB Toolbox

  • Instantly update your Lambda functions (development)

  • Centralize your AWS Lambda Errors

  • Make Oh My Zsh history play nicely with WebStorm / IntelliJ

  • How to easily develop and deploy TypeScript Lambda functions

  • DynamoDB nodejs Testing Tool

  • Chimp v2.3.0 released. Custom Prefixes for Monorepos

  • How to mock files with TestDouble, TypeScript and Jest

  • Why so loud, jest?

  • Generate your Apollo DataSources

  • Comparison of the GraphQL Workflow with/without Chimp

  • Apollo Composable with Vue Storybook Stories

  • Adding Semantic Release to an old Babel Plugin [Live] (2/2)

  • Let’s make the Apollo Federation Demo testable