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Confetti patternConfetti pattern
  • Sharing scalars between modules with Chimp

    Simplify your Chimp-based project even further with a new @predefined Scalar directive.

  • Chimp 4.0 - resolvers for extended federated types

    The Chimp 3.0 and previous versions always generated resolveReferences resolvers for all federated types. It turned out to be excessive, so we make it configurable.

  • GraphQL Federation example updated to Chimp 3.0

    We are happy to announce that the example showing many advanced patterns related to GraphQL usage is updated to Chimp 3.0

  • Adding chimp 3 to an existing Application

    We will show you how to add chimp to an existing application based on our simple example

  • Updating from Chimp 2 to 3

    We've rewrote Chimp, simplified the setup and fixed some defaults. We hope you will enjoy the new development experience!

  • Chimp v2.3.0 released. Custom Prefixes for Monorepos

  • Comparison of the GraphQL Workflow with/without Chimp