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  • Event Storming: The Visual Requirements Facilitation Technique to Accelerate Software Design and Development

    An introduction to the fun and effective workshop technique that unlocks heightened levels of collaboration across silo and specialization boundaries.

  • Introducing GraphQL Schema Storming

    How to annotate user experiences in a collaborative fashion to facilitate and accelerate GraphQL schema design.

  • Escape and Xolvio Introduce GraphQL Security Review and Remediation Services

    Announcing our official partnership with Escape to help teams secure their GraphQL APIs.

  • How to Move from BFFs to GraphQL Federation

    This tutorial and code repo demonstrate an optimal migration path of a scaled BFF architecture to a federated Apollo GraphQL API.

  • Event Sourcing: the Future-Proof Design Pattern for 2023 and Beyond

    How to unlock your system’s scalability and maintainability for the demands of modern age business.

  • Event Storm to Production Supergraph: a Domain-Driven Design Approach to GraphQL

    Or how to tidy up your system’s domains, so that you get a supergraph schema design for free.

  • Apollo GraphQL and Xolvio introduce supergraph professional services

    Announcing our official partnership with Apollo GraphQL to help companies scale their supergraphs.

  • Digital Acceleration: The Single Biggest Business Benefit of GraphQL

    Or how to pitch GraphQL adoption to your leaders whether they are developers or not.

  • The real story behind Apollo GraphQL

    An interview with Apollo CEO, Geoff Schmidt, diving deeper into the origins of the supergraph.

  • 5 insights on GraphQL adoption in the enterprise

    Or what I learned from the Humans in the Graph roundtable at the GraphQL Summit.

  • Why Apollo's supergraph announcement is a pivotal moment for GraphQL

    Tracing back the origins of the Apollo GraphQL platform from an insider’s view to uncover a broader perspective on what’s to come.

  • Why software architecture matters to you and your customers

    Or why non-developers should care about good software design, even if they can’t see it.

  • 3 major marketing problems that can be fixed with digital enablement

    How to sky-rocket your marketing through custom software.

  • The Role of Technical Architecture in Digital Transformation

    Notes on the importance of a flexible technical architecture and its relation to organizational structure in modern-day business.

  • Enterprise software: when to build instead of buy

    While you definitely don’t want to reinvent the wheel by investing into custom software to replace robust SaaS alternatives, there are times when building your own solution is the way to go.

  • The State of Integration Diagram

    Or how to create a visual that allows you to see the work in progress and risks of a complex system in a single glance.

  • The Perfect Test Automation Strategy

    Pointers on how to make your test automation strategy the best it can be.

  • Enterprise-Grade Contentful App Pipelines

    Is it possible to create a content management strategy that scales across distributed development teams without compromising quality and speed? Yes. We show you how we did it with Contentful

  • Federated Design Systems with Storybook

    An exploration into how Storybook-based design systems can be used to distribute component code.

  • How to Design and Build a Hyper-Fast Test Automation Stack

    Why you need real-time end-to-end test automation, and advice for the best products to create it.

  • Is Your Testing Strategy Back-to-Front?

    How to tell if you’re applying quality backwards, and steps you can take to move forward and do quality, faster.

  • Zero-Bug Software Development

    The Zero-Bug Policy is not a myth — it is the answer. And it can work for your team, today.

  • Preventing Software Bugs from Ever Occurring

    Trying to fight bugs is exhausting and frustrating. But if we study their nature, we can understand which preventative measures will be most effective in saving us from the pain.

  • What Is Quality?

    Quality is one of the greatest things in life, but it’s ephemeral and hard to define. In a similar way to how “acts of love” make better people, quality functions make better products.

  • The Forgotten First Principle of Software Delivery

    We have an industry-wide blindspot for the most important metric in software, and now is the time to change that.