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  • Sharing scalars between modules with Chimp

    Simplify your Chimp-based project even further with a new @predefined Scalar directive.

  • Adding TypeScript to the official Apollo Platform Tutorial app

    In today's video I go through a preparation of the official Apollo Platform Tutorial App for adding Chimp to it. I decided to divide that task into two steps - first is adding TypeScript to the codebase. Watch me work, struggle, fly through code, hopefully you will learn some tricks :)

  • Updating from Chimp 2 to 3

    We've rewrote Chimp, simplified the setup and fixed some defaults. We hope you will enjoy the new development experience!

  • Generate your Apollo DataSources

  • Comparison of the GraphQL Workflow with/without Chimp

  • Automated Testing with Apollo Federation

    Learn how to write automate tests for your federated GQL µservices